Paintings and Stickers of Slugs

I've two more Nudibranch paintings done this week. Here's how they turned out!

Nudibranch Animal Art Painting
Nudibranch Animal Art Painting

I particularly enjoyed painting this one above with the floral patterns behind him. I don't know why I enjoyed painting him as much as I did, but I was pretty stoked about it. I was inspired by my own composition apparently :) 

Obligatory plug: If you like these slugs and want prints of the two above, or stickers of any of them, they're up on my Society6 page here. May they bring a tinge of undersea flavor to your home.

There will be more Nudis to come, and I've also begun working on a personal piece featuring a delusional Pom Pom Crab that I look forward to sharing with you soon. Stay tuned and stay wild <3